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Holiday Shopping Guide

As the holiday season quickly approaches, if you are like us at the BID you are wondering “What do I get”  fill in the blank of the person who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? Have you been looking at Oprah’s Favorite Things trying to get inspiration for holiday gifts but the shipping times but tired of watching the delivery date on your packages change to a “💁🏻‍♀️” or “🤔” when you finally find the perfect gift?  If they do manage to ship, does your building have a troll living underneath the steps who steals your packages? Well, the easiest way to solve that is to SHOP LOCAL!!!!   

Running in City
  • Stop by Legends Sporting Goods for a personalized jersey.

  • Stop by Closeout Home or Outlet N More or any of our other Home Good stores to see what home gym equipment they may have so you can recreate your own version of the Peloton ad. I’ve seen everything from Surfboards to Rowing Machines! 

  • For the Angler in your life, stop by 5th Avenue Bait & Tackle for a lure that will help make sure they can’t talk about “the one that got away."

For the Sports Enthusiast
or Fitness Fanatic 

Body Massage
  • We made a gift basket for the Mani/Pedi lover in your life with epsom salts, a pedicure kit with nail file and buffer, foot lotion to keep those tootsies soft after, and some nail polishes. 

  • Another fabulous idea is a Slipper Gift of  a comfy of pair of slippers, face masks, and bath bomb.

  • Stop by any of our beauty supply stores, pharmacies, discount stores to put together to put together your own personalized gift basket for your loved one.

For the Self Care/“Calgon Take Me Away” person in your life

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 3.07.23 PM.png

  • Drop into a Home Goods store for a Dutch Oven and visit one of our Specialty Food stores to pick up some marinades and include them as a cooking starter kit 

  • Make your own Spice kits and Spice blends with such as Hawaij,  Chai Spice Mix  or Ras el Hanout 

  •  For the person who is Gluten Free head to Greek Bakaliko’s for a wide assortment of cookies and crackers and snacks that are gluten free from Bay Ridge Bakery    

  • Go to Nut Hut for Jordanian chocolates  

  • If you have a cheese lover – stop by Balady or A&S, for olives & hard to find Greek & Middle Eastern Cheeses 

For the Foodie in your life 

  • Stop by Balady Home or one of the other Home Good Stores and pick up a Turkish Coffee maker 

Nothing says love like a pound of fresh coffee stop by one or all of the below to make a coffee gift basket 

For the person who does not function without coffee 

  • If you are headed to a gift exchange, head to any of our corner stores and pick up a 6pack of beer and put a bow on it.

  • You can also get a Beer mug from a home goods store and stop by one of our gourmet food stores and pick up an array of international snack foods for the ultimate beer and snack pack.

For the Beer Lover 

Cold Drinks
  • Give a bottle of Black Button’s Citrus Forward Gin from Red’s Wine & Liquors for the person who loves Negronis 

  • For the whiskey lover, head to Five Star Wine & Liquor for their Johnny Walker sampler 

  • Head to Long’s Wine & Spirits for their wide selection of Metaxa for the person who loves cognac/brandies 

  • Looking to make a personalized gift, head to one of our many fruit vendors and make your own holiday cocktail infusions as a gift. 

For the Cocktail Lover 

Kids in Preschool
  • Head to Little Lords and Little Ladies for the perfect holiday outfit for your kids so you can capture that perfect holiday moment before they tear open presents 

  • If you have a Future Artists, create an Arts & Crafts basket. Head to a Discount Store and put together a gift basket of construction paper, glitter, modeling clay, popsicle sticks, glue, markers, and finger paints 

  • For the Future Scientist in your life, go to the Urban Steam Lab to purchase a STEMist Coaching Kit Gift Box 

  • For the kid who wants to be superhero, go to head to Galaxy Comics or get them a class to K-Spirit Taekwondo 

  • For the Tiny Dancer in your life, head to Grand Prix to get them something that will dance straight into their heart.

For the Little Ones in
your life 

Black Cat
  • Go to My Natural Pet and pick up one of their exclusive of specialty treats and toys for your furry little loves  

  • Head to Brooklyn Canine Club and book a play date for your favorite good doggo  

  • Check out Brooklyn Pet Supply for a guinea pig starter kit package.

For the Parents of Fur Babies of All Sizes and those who have Pet Kids
of the Not so Furry Variety 

Holiday Shopping Booklet

Festive Fifth Contest


Post pictures while you shop and enjoy 5th Avenue for a chance to win one of several holiday gift baskets.⠀

To enter follow us on Facebook or Instagram @bayridge_bid and use the tag #finditonfifth.
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