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5th Ave to Bring Arts to the Avenue

Staff from Sherwin-WIlliams who co-sponsored the project

The Bay Ridge 5th Ave BID has embarked on a multi-year project to bring more arts and cultural programming to the community. Over the next three years the BID, in partnership with local artists and merchants, will launch a series of public art projects in the district. The art will utilize existing surfaces along the Avenue and will make walking along the corridor an exciting cultural experience for both residents and visitors alike.

Arts on the Avenue, a program made possible through a Department of Small Business Services AveNYC grant, aims to unify and beautify 5th Ave while also catalyzing foot traffic and forging a new positive identity for the district.

Co-sponsors Senator Andrew Gounardes and Councilman Justin Brannan

Through a partnership with Building Brooklyn Street Art, a roster of artists was assembled to decorate eleven benches along the BID's 20-block corridor. By leveraging sponsorships from Sherwin-Williams (located at 7823 5th Ave), Councilman Justin Brannan, and Senator Gounardes' offices, the BID was also able to provide the necessary supplies. The project received hundreds of positive comments on social media and coverage in the press.

This coming December, Stand4 Gallery (located at 414 78th Street), will be hosting a popup show featuring works by participating artists. To learn more about the artists and bench locations visit .

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