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And the Winners Are...

BID Announces Winners of Furry Friends of 5th Ave Photo Contest

We thank everyone who participated in the Furry Friends of 5th Photo contest. It truly was a joy to receive so many amazing pictures of all the great dogs that make their owners and friends happy during these trying times. There was not a single picture that did not at least bring a smile to our faces and we were happy to share that joy with the community on our social media pages.

But before we announce our winners, to those who didn’t enter their pooch into the contest, or canine enthusiasts who do not have a pup of their own - you still have a chance to win your own Furry Friends of 5th Ave 2021 Calendar. Enter the raffle here.

And now, for the big announcement. Our co-grand prize winners are...


Fluffy is a 4-year-old Shih-tzu. Fluffy is a very good friend for everyone. She is kind and funny. She likes wearing beautiful dresses and standing on her hind legs. She loves modeling and freezes patiently for the camera.

Fluffy wins a prize basket curated by our generous sponsors at Brooklyn Pet Supply. She gets to choose from six beautiful patterns for a 6-foot woven leash and matching collar, plus Modern Canine Poop Bags (60) and Dispenser. For extra energy on especially long walks, a bag of high protein Fruitable Bison Strip Jerky Treats. And to keep that winter weight off, a bag of Charlee Bear 3 Calorie Crunch Treats. After the walk, a container of 60 Paw Sanitizing Wipes help keep Fluffy from tracking germs inside. All of this will be presented in a beautiful woven silver metal basket.

Louie is a 3-year-old Yorkie. He loves to roll around for all to watch and slurping up duck gizzard as a treat. You can follow him on Instagram at @lifewithlouie1025.

Louie wins a gift basket curated by My Natural Pet. The basket includes essential accessories for both pup and owner. An Earth Rated Waste Bag, Spring Action Pet Waste Scooper and Travel Bottle of Human Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils will come in handy when picking up Louie’s unmentionables. Louie will stay fueled up on jogs or hikes with a Bottle of Vitamin Water for Dogs, Collapsible Travel/ Water Bowl, Treat Pouch, and Bag of Natural Liver & Kelp Dog Treats. His mama will keep him pampered at home with SPA Lavish Paw & Pad Treatment, Trial packs of Earthbath Pet Shampoo and a “No Pooping” Funny Plush Dog Toy. And Louie will be able to hang his $20 Gift Certificate to My Natural Pet on the side of his doghouse with a Cute Dog Magnet.

Twelve runners up will be included in the Furry Friends of 5th Ave 2021 Calendar. See below for a sneak peak of our runners up: Lola Belle, Finnegan, Mamma Coco, Chloe, Shiloh, Ka Lae, Thor, Banner, Callie, Samuel, Zoe Lenor, Mickey.

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