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Bay Ridge Venues and Performers Ache to Return

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

For sure, numerous industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, but among the most impacted are live venues, movie theaters, and performance spaces. With the passing of the Save Our Stages Act by Congress in December, there may be some relief on the horizon. In the coming weeks the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Disaster Relief will be rolling out the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVO), which will offer $15 billion in support. As of January 27th, the SBA is not yet accepting applications, however an informational webinar on program details, allowable use of funds and eligibility can be viewed here. The status of the SVO application window can be checked here.

Alpine Cinema commended Congress for bipartisan action with celebratory messaging on their marquee. The SVO Grant will likely provide critical relief to the beloved community cinema, but will other Bay Ridge businesses will be able to take advantage? Several small bars and restaurants on 5th Ave, like The Hideout, Leif Bar, PC’s Bar, and Schnitzel Haus, have acted as de facto venues where Bay Ridge’s music scene thrived prior to the pandemic. However, it is unclear if they will be considered eligible for grant relief by the SBA.

Cathy Hunt, front woman of Catnip (formerly Full Disclosure) and frequent performer at many of Bay Ridge's music spots, looks forward reconnecting with the community again. Check out this video produced in partnership with the 5th Ave BID to hear Cathy talk and sing about getting back to the stage (Facebook: @catniplivemusic - Instagram: @catniplive). We miss you too Cathy and look forward to rocking out again soon!

Video produced in partnership with BRIC Media, and Telling Story.

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