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Experience Bay Ridge Audio Tours

Over the years, the diverse culture of Bay Ridge's community has greatly contributed in shaping the neighborhood's ambiance, architecture, and commercial mix. Since its establishment, Bay Ridge has been home to many immigrant communities. The first immigrant pocket in Bay Ridge was Scandinavian, then Italian, Irish, Greek and most recently, Middle Eastern and North African. It is a neighborhood with a strong family presence, community pride, many grass roots organizations and legacy businesses.

5th Ave BID audio tours offer a glimpse of the cultural and historic richness that 5th Ave businesses helped to build. The tours also provide a free marketing opportunity, allowing merchants to tell their stories and market their services to a wider audience. Grab an electronic device and listen to business owners talk about their childhoods, families, hometowns and more! Walk the district while you listen and experience 5th Ave in a new way.

Visit today. Contact to have your business story added to the tour.

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