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Full STEAM Ahead!

The Urban STEAM Lab, a K-5 educational center located 7912 5th Ave, is back up and running following the pandemic shutdown in the spring. Alexia Sebal-Robels, founder of the STEAM Lab, integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in an environment that is safe and accessible to all her students.

Alexia is currently setting up an outdoor area behind the center to include a small herb garden with parsley and cilantro for their in-house pet iguana along with other vegetables that can be cooked in the classroom.  A new mural brightens the backyard and stirs the imagination of those who behold its vibrant colors.

This fall Urban STEAM Lab will be offering a blended learning format that provides individualized instruction for students' distance learning curricula provided to students by their schools.  To learn more about the Urban Steam Lab visit

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