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Hot Off the Press! Check Out Our New Printed Newsletter

In an effort to better inform residents about local happenings, the 5th Ave Community Advocate will now be distributing a quarterly print version of the blog.  The newsletter will target folks who are not regulars on the internet and is available at businesses along the Ave.  Find your copy at one of these locations:

Mike’s Donuts – 6822 5th Ave

Hookah Nuts - 7214 5th Ave

Bagel Villa - 7221 5th Ave

Bubbles & Suds - 7418, 8003 5th Ave

Rocco’s Pizza – 7818 5th Ave

Sherwin Williams - 7823 5th Ave

Long’s Liquors - 7917 5th Ave

Alex Salon - 7923 5th Ave

Empire Café - 8312 5th Ave

Salon Briana – 8319 5th Ave

Let your friends and family know where to find their copy. If you have a business that wants to distribute the 5th Ave Community Advocate, email We also look forward to promoting specials, coupons and others savings, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest addition!

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