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As Bay Ridge’s Arab, Asian, and Hispanic communities continue to grow and thrive, the neighborhood can increasingly capitalize on unique offerings and experiences, making it a destination unto its own in NYC. As a neighborhood that has maintained a diverse consumer market, there will continue to be opportunities for a variety of new businesses to establish themselves. Likewise, with guidance and adaptation, legacy businesses can leverage Bay Ridge’s diversity to acquire new clientele. Local artists, community organizations, businesses, and civic-minded residents provide a foundation for future community action including public events, cultural programming, and placemaking efforts that will set Bay Ridge apart from other neighboring communities.

Open Your Business in Bay Ridge! 

Doing business on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge has never been better!  Situated in southwest Brooklyn at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge, Bay Ridge is home to a diverse, family-friendly, tight-knit community.  Though this transit friendly neighborhood is accessible via subway, bus, car, and bike, over 70% of your customers will be within walking distance!  When you make a home for your business on 5th Ave Bay Ridge, you will be joining an eclectic mix of retail, food & drink and service businesses that are the backbone of the community.  You will also have the benefit of being part of the 5th Ave Business Improvement District (BID).  The BID manages an array of services including supplemental sanitation & beautification, security, district marketing & events, business development, and advocacy. 


Community Wish List 

Our most recent consumer survey indicates Bay Ridge residents desire more clothing stores, restaurants, bookstores, bakeries, and entertainment.  For entrepreneurs opening these types of businesses on 5th Ave Bay Ridge, there is a consumer base hungry for your offerings.  Vacancy rates on 5th Ave are relatively low and lease rates are reasonable in comparison to other commercial corridors in Brooklyn.  Small businesses locating on 5th Ave Bay Ridge can expect to take advantage of a robust local market and lower overhead costs.  We invite you to share your vision, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit with Bay Ridge. 

Available Spaces

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