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Bench Location: 6823 5th Avenue
Artist Bio:

Phetus is a New York artist with roots in the graffiti and street art movement. Originally from Long Island, now based in Manhattan, "Phetus" has been creating artwork under his "Phat Phace" icon since 1988. He was the founding member of the creative multimedia studio Elite Gudz. As the inventor and creator, Phetus along with the Elite Gudz staff released the "Graffiti Spraycan" application on iTunes.

Concrete Immortalz is a comic series created by graffiti artist Phetus. The series is built on the idea that art progresses with and chronicles human history, and "the graffiti movement is the artistic embodiment of current times."The series' main protagonist is The Wall Lord, a graffiti artist who writes messages of hope and defiance against a repressive government. On January 7, 2010, Phetus and street artist Such painted a mural image of The Wall Lord on a subway car installation outside of Tuff City Tattoos in Bronx NY. 

Bench Locations: 6910 & 8119 5th Avenue


Artist Bio: Cassandra has studied Interactive Media Arts in Shanghai, Florence, Abu Dhabi, and New York through a B.S. from NYU Shanghai.

Whether it be through artificial intelligence or upcycling plastic, Cassandra's work often ties to themes surrounding nature and identity. After growing up consistently producing traditional studio art, she is now passionate about exploring new techniques, especially those involving unique materials or are at the intersection of art and technology.​ Even when she isn't making art, you can always find her creating whether it be content for her food blog or upcycling her old clothes. She also freelances art and design work. 

Artist Bio: Marco Santini is an award-winning NYC-based artist, fashion designer, photographer, and inventor who draws inspiration from inclusion, positivity, and language. 

In 2007, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistic Anthropology at Brown University, where he was intrigued by the relationship between communication, expression, and imagery. Santini worked at branding agencies in NYC before fully committing to the arts. His geometric style is expressed through spray paint, paint markers, window markers, acrylics, magazines, textiles and digital art.

Santini found his life’s purpose in 2018 to spread love and positivity as a Conscious Creator. He has expressed this through art, education, and volunteering. He speaks and paints at schools around the world, teaching students to explore their passions while turning negatives into positives. 


Bench Location: 7113 5th Avenue


Bench Location: 7301 5th Avenue
Artist Bio:
Carla Torres is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. In 2006 she moved to New York City looking to expand her mind, her soul, and her vision as an artist. Since then her work has been exhibited in several galleries locally and internationally including the Queens Museum and the Noguchi Museum. Her work has also been awarded by the most prestigious illustration awards in the US, Canada, and Europe. She has also been commissioned by the DOT Urban Art Program in 2018, 2017 and 2013 to create murals working in collaboration with the community. Her most recent Urban Art mural was commissioned by the Garment District Alliance and installed in July 2019.


Bench Location: 7418 5th Avenue
Artist Bio: "I consider myself an urban landscape artist. I love to draw. I also love to paint but every painting begins with a line drawing I fill in like my own personal coloring book. I work from my own photographs for reference since my work is very detailed. I have a wonky sense of perspective that gives my landscapes an off kilter appeal. Color and pattern are predominate in my work. I use text often to add a humorous perspective to everyday street scenes. My favorite subject matter are bridges, brownstones and Coney Island. I usually work in acrylic or watercolor but also pastel and oil. Lately my favorite medium is ink which allows my line drawing to shine thru the finished artwork. My work ranges in size from standard 12" x 16" paper to large murals. I do a lot of commissions mostly of people's homes or businesses. I also put my art on coasters and prints which I sell in my Etsy shop BrooklynLish."


Bench Location: 7511 5th Avenue
Artist Bio: Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in illustration, Lucy not only became a classically trained painter, but a well versed digital artist as well. Armed with the know;edge of how to brand oneself and the perseverance of a starving artist, her silly, weird and fantastical world started to come to life. 



Bench Location: 7604 5th Avenue
Artist Bio: David Dominguez also known as "Dormir/ the sleep" is a south Florida born Brooklyn based street artist. He started out in the blossoming art scene of Miami,FL and moved to Brooklyn to continue his practice. His work encompasses a variety of styles mainly in murals and illustrations. David went to art school and majored in painting / sculpture. He has had work shown in Basel and have done projects throughout the five Boroughs. 


Bench Locations: 7815 & 8018 5th Avenue
Artist Bios: MenaceResa is an Asian street artist duo, formed by Queens native Theresa Kim (Resa Piece) and her boyfriend Eric Cheung (Menace Two). Resa is a fine artist/muralist, whereas Menace is a graffiti writer. Their range of action is normally in the Triboro area.

Their style can be best described as a collaboration between their two strengths, fine art and graffiti writing. “We borrow elements from two different subcultures that are at odds against one another- graffiti &street art – and combine them to create a vibrant and energetic aesthetic,” says Resa. True to her word, when you look at the art of MenaceResa, often times you will see an ornately crafted portrait of a person’s face, along with bold lettering in bright colors underneath, such as in the photo shown above.


Bench Location: 8216 5th Avenue
Artist Bio: Isabelle Ewing is a Brooklyn-based contemporary mixed media painter, muralist and designer. 

Diagnosed with a learning disability at an early age, Ewing had difficulty with traditional learning and academic classes. These hardships pushed her to drawing and painting, ultimately sparking her lifelong passion in the arts.

Ewing received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014 and later moved to New York City. Currently in her Brooklyn studio, Ewing has mastered many mediums such as aerosol, acrylic, oil, and collage. These works take form into paintings, installations, murals and sculptures. Today, Ewing’s work explores the human condition through expressionist techniques juxtaposed with classical figuration. Through a technical process, Ewing produces vibrant and colorful figures that communicate the idea of universal interconnectedness.  

Ewing’s work can be seen worldwide from New York to Miami to Berlin on public walls, galleries and museums.