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Merchant Resources

A BID provides business area merchants with the resources to develop marketing campaigns, increase awareness and enhance public improvement projects in partnership with the City. An organized business community can work more effectively to create positive change and increase support for businesses in the area. BID's work closely with elected officials and City staff to voice collective concerns, monitor business regulations and obtain funding and support for their business development projects.
Resource Guide
Comprehensive guide to connect merchants with city-wide resources and explain essential business regulations. The guide covers critical topics such as:
  • Legal issues, permits & licenses
  • Financing & incentives
  • Immigrant-owned businesses
  • Violations & complaints
  • Licenses & Inspections
  • Sanitation requirements
  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Accessibilty requirements
Website Design & Marketing
For merchants within the BID, we design marketing materials such as social media graphics, and flyers. We have the capability to design a custom website for your business and domain name connection. These services are FREE of charge to the merchants of the 5th Avenue BID.
We also advertise local events, sales and news through the BID social media platforms & website.
Contact or tag us on social media to share your promotions with us!
The BID acts as a liaison between local businesses, stakeholders, and City agencies providing a collective voice for the neighborhood to help inform City policy. The BID is in close contact with local politicians, Community Board 10, and non-profit organizations in Bay Ridge. 
Incident Report
  • Report ALL criminal activity to 911 including theft (regardless of amount), menacing/harassment, and drug sales. These crimes are often not reported which makes it impossible to address.

  • Keep us in the loop whenever you experience criminal intent especially when your safety is threatened by completed the form below*.

*Please note: the incident report is not an official NYPD service. To file a NYPD report, click here.

Merchant Contact 

​As a business on 5th Avenue, you are automatically a member of the Business Improvement District. We ask that you keep us informed of special promotions, sales, and events so we can publicize on our website and social media accounts. To help us better serve you, please complete form so that we have your up to date information. 

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