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Highlights from 5th Ave BID's "Street Moments"

Last weekend the 5th Ave BID teamed up with local businesses and community organizations to host the first of a series of pop-up events called Street Moments.  The impromptu event featuring arts, music, and fun was designed as a low-key alternative the street festivals and Weekend Walks that were cancelled due to the pandemic.  Locals were pleasantly surprised as they stumbled upon happenings at the corners of 79th St. and 5th Ave.

Bay Ridge’s Adelphi Academy set up a mini art gallery of student masterpieces.  Skinflints hosted local sidewalk buskers, Hick'ry Hawkins and Miwa Gemini, playing acoustic originals and covers.  Sherwin Williams set up a lemonade stand.  Local artist, Hildos, displayed some of her latest portraits. And the BID set up a prize wheel for residents to spin and win treats and gift certificates to 5th Ave businesses.

Check out this live performance footage of Hick'ry Hawkins performing Dio's, Rainbow in the Dark featuring Mitch Masterson on guitar.

Are you a business, resident, artist or entertainer interested in hosting or participating in a Street Moment?  Contact the BID ( and let’s plan something!

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