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Outdoor Dining Takes a Foothold

Despite mixed messaging about new curbside dining regulations from the city and state, eating & drinking establishments on 5th Ave continue to provide the community with an escape from the day-to-day uncertainty of these challenging times. In this regard, our bars and restaurants provide an essential service. Enjoying spirits and tastes in the company of family and friends at your favorite establishment is healing to the soul and helps keep our beloved establishments open!

5th Ave currently has 31 eating & drinking establishments with some form of outdoor dining. Through a partnership with the BID, local artist Nicole Stuart, transformed a selection of the street side dining barriers into colorful murals. For a complete map of 5th Ave outdoor dining locations click here.

Above locations:

Sinbad (7721 5th Ave) / The Hideout (8415 5th Ave) / Schnitzel Haus (7319 5th Ave) /

Gino's (7414 5th Ave) / Johnny Pumps (7518 5th Ave) / Skinflints (7902) 5th Ave)

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