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Restaurateur Embraces Virus Neutralization Technology

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Meet John Kosciusko – tall, professional and emphatic about technological solutions to mitigate Corona Virus exposure in small business environments.  His company, Nanovo, is a distributer of Puradigm devices, which according to the title slide of his presentation will, “Bring Your Customers AND Your Bottom Line Back to a Safe Place.”  At a small gathering of business services providers, John pitches the benefits non-thermal (cold) plasma technology and how it works at neutralizing harmful pathogens that are both airborne and on surfaces.  According to a University of Florida assessment of the technology, you just flip the switch and after only 15 minutes there will be a 73% reduction in detectable COVID, and after 24 hours there will be no detection at all. You can read more about the promise of cold plasma in inactivating viruses here.

For the average small business, devices like these could be cost prohibitive, particularly during the pandemic when foot traffic has slowed and revenue is increasingly elusive.  Fortunately, through the Bring Back Brooklyn Grant Program administered through the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Brooklyn Alliance Capital, these devices are 100% reimbursable for eligible restaurants and bars.  Click here to read more about the Brooklyn Chamber’s grant programs and financing options.

Following John’s presentation of graphs, figures and definitions, Fred Urban, the proprietor of Schnitzel Haus, attested to the efficacy of the device with anecdotes.  Fred’s daughter, who regularly struggles with allergies, noticed her symptoms had diminished as airborne particulates were neutralized by the unit they had brought home.  Fred also says that a few of his customers have said they feel more comfortable dining indoors at Schnitzel Haus knowing that they have a unit that cleans the air.

To hear more about this remarkable device and if it right for your business, attend one of the following demonstration events at Schnitzel Haus. John Kosciusko will be available to answer your specific questions about the unit, and Fred Urban will tell you about his experience using the device in his restaurant. You can also read some recent press about the device at News12, and the Brooklyn Reporter.


Schnitzel Haus - 7319 5th Ave Brooklyn NY, 11209


Tuesday November 17th, 10am - RSVP HERE

Tuesday November 17th, 9pm - RSVP HERE

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